Which 12 volt softwash set up to buy?

Maverick, Gen 2 , or Badit? Help please I’m building a new trailer and want to install a decent and affordable softwash/ roof cleaning equipment to start. Thanks

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Any will work. More familiar with Bandit and Gen2. Both are good units, but I’d lean towards the Gen2 because of having redundant pumps. Though maybe never needed if you take care of equipment, nice to have if you do. I just had a brand new FB basically die on me Thursday and my other one last 2.5 years. So you never know. And for $1265 not a bad deal when you figure, pumps, accumulator, stand, reel and hose.

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Thanks Racer and have watched your trailer build videos several times and they really help. I’m building a trailer from scratch and need all the advise I can get. Thanks

I’m looking into actually switching over to soft wash and have really been looking into it a lot. You really think 4.7 gpm will be enough?

Soft wash with 8gpm is by far the best i think. 12v or air is good for roofs


Personally, I’d get them to upgrade to a little bigger pump for the difference in the cost of the pumps. They make these things up as needed, so cost difference shouldn’t be too much. In fact, the stock one fine for the backup, I’d just upgrade one to a 7gpm.

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If you are downstreaming, you are already softwashing. Just making sure you knew that.


@bret1974 I just sent you a PM about the roof pump I’m getting ready to sell.

Hey Racer I am setting up a 5x12 trailer with a hydrotec hot water machine that I’m planning to put up front and I ordered a 4 gpm 4000 psi for back up or running 2 machines. I have a 275 tote for my buffer tank. I’m going to have 2 high pressure hose reels probably stacked, a water supply reel and the reel that comes with the soft wash system. I see you have a 50 gallon sh tank on your trailer but how many other and what size mix tanks do you suggest? Thanks

It kind of depends on your target market. When I had mix tank it was 100 gal. You can do approx 2500 sq ft with a 50, with some variables of course, but on average. You can always mix up more if you run out in 10-15 min. So just depends on average size house you’ll be going after. I ended up never using my SH for SH. Easier to just keep it in the drum, otherwise you’re transferring it twice, to the SH tank and then to the mix tank.

2.5 years?! Sheesh…I wasn’t able to get more than a few months out of ANY 12v pump, no matter how often I rinsed them. I tried various brands including the ones from PT and the same thing every time.

Well my newest one that’s probably got less than 20 hours on it, has lost 1/2 volume. Sending it to Delavan tomorrow. Already packed up. Shoots about 15’. Was working great just a week ago.

That’s why I finally gave up on them. I babied them to death and still, they would start losing draw, start leaking from everywhere or just quit working all together.

I just got the gen II system from power wash store,I don’t do many roofs just wanted something ready to go and love having the extra pump wired,plumbed and ready to go.