"Where ya' been?"

Phone rang tonight and it was a number that I didn’t recognize…was not in my contacts. “Where ya’ been?” was all I could here as I was saying “Hello”. The caller identified himself as “Joe”…an Indian owner of a franchise fast food spot that I have cleaned on several occasions. He goes on to tell me his place is filthy and he has not seen hide nor hair of me. Now, get this, after doing a regular maintenance on this place for nearly a year, last time I did the place he told me he would call me when he wanted me to come back. I have not heard another word out of him and I realize, now, he does not remember telling me that. At any rate, he is in a panic and I assume someone at corporate must have streaked his legs about the condition of his store. It is clean inside and as he said…FILTHY…on the outside and this is a BUSY franchise.

I will not do it in the morning because his truck comes on Thursday morning, but I will be there Friday morning at 5am to get it looking better.