Where would you be.? $


What would you charge to clean this roof? Do your roof prices include rinsing walls windows and doors?

The square foot without pitch is appx 6950sqft.



I’m just gathering equipment to begin washing rooves, but I’ve heard guys on the forum say $0.20/sq ft before


How many stories and what area


2 story. South Florida


I’m also in south Florida, I’d be at .12-.15, .15 and I’d throw the driveway in. .12 Just includes roof and plant rinsing tho. Two guys done in 4hrs or less


It’s wise to keep them wet so you don’t ruin anything with overspray, but not washing them.


Ultra competitive market in Florida. Prices are really low…I lived on South Beach for a few years loved the weather and community however for me all the jobs were flooded with immigrants working for peanuts. While I do’t care for the snow much I am thankful we get the $$ we get here…Makes up for the weather. For a 7k roof we would be in the 3-5k range, depending on a lot of other variables.


.16 sq ft for tile in N Fl in the 90’s it used to be .25 per sq ft.


Central Florida, too much competition… at least $700. No, house wash is extra, like 300.

I know, I’m crying too…