Where to buy a skid mount?

Looking to buy a “skid” to mount an engine (GX660) and pump.
Just the stainless or aluminum plate with bent flanges and rubber mounting feet. I’ve called & looked on several websites and can’t find anyone offering just the plate. Thx!

Here is what I found with a google serch.

Wherever you go to purchase, make sure you get steel, not aluminum

Call Russ at Southside. (502) 504-5454
He has these

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I agree with you because this skid you sold me will survive the apocalypse, but just curious why not.

Also, if you want a skid @ShinedUP that’ll survive a couple Hondas and udors with the best belt change system of any of them call mvp services in NC.

All though this aluminum skid is over 15 years old & on its 4th motor & pump

new black & grey Honda 690 only 5 months old. They last if you get a good one

Aluminum flexes and vibrates. That is a death nail for a pump.

Thanks everyone!


Looks like ultimate has exactly what I’m looking for, under $60!

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After 20 phone calls, to as many companies, no one actually stocked what I was looking for. Finally called pressure pro, and the sent me to Water Cannon, $153 for two skids, one for the GX660, and one for a GX390, shipped and on the way! :grin:

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Did you ever call Russ at southside? When I ordered mine they were $60 plus shipping and he had them in stock. I got them in 2 days.

I believe it was Ryan, and did have one for the 660