Where to buy 25025 1/4 tips? I really need them fast

I am looking for some 2.5 tips to replace the stock whisper wash unltra classic 2502

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PressureTek has fast shipping

I just placed the order. I could use those things yesterday. I am going to dail back the unloader to lower my psi till i can get those

Don’t mess with the unloader if it already set for your machine. If you have a 4gpm machine then 2502s are fine unless you’re cleaning newer concrete. Always lower your psi through tips not the unloader.

I may be way off base, but could he drop the rpm’s slightly for now?

I did 2/3 throttle for 90 mins last week on my 8gpm some say it’s ok some say no. 4 out of 5 concrete jobs 2502’s works perfect I’m not changing back and forth so I throttle down.
I noticed if I reduced throttle slightly, it hardly made any difference then I tried closing the ball valve to achieve like 1800psi and my 690 would shake and it caused poly chain dust on the frame obviously some belt wear occurred
Maybe I’ll purchase another setup for soft concrete.
Just my experience.

Wait, what? You have a GX 690 and using 2502’s…shouldn’t that be closer to 25035’s?

Not if it’s a 4 nozzle bar

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4 nozzle

Ah gotcha. NM.

It was set to wide open factory. Its a 4200 psi and even with a 150ft of hose it hard on older concrete. Really hard