Where does everyone get their uniforms

Iv been looking around, found some good and some really bad. Where have you guys gotten you uniforms?

Wrangler rip stock cargo pants and orange screen printed t shirts from Queensboro for the last 6 or 7 years. I wear the same style pants 7 days a week unless I’m in overalls.


Cotton shirts? How long do they last before they look bad?

Queensboro shirts don’t bleach. AP3 performance. I like mine a lot. They do pull threads occasionally but all performance shirts do a little. I just use a Mach 5 and cut them off.



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Oh nice, didn’t know they had polyester, thanks!

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AP3 Performance shirt is polyester. That sport material feel.

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That’s perfect because I was looking for something that doesn’t bleach, thank you.

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Polyester stinks when you sweat. I just get cotton. If your getting water or bleach on you while your working, you’re doing it wrong :slight_smile:


I use the same polos currently, cheap and look professional, want to get some washing shirts from fin print that are fully covered not just an embroidered logo but they’re $60 a pop

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I know, I was looking at them but I am not looking to spend that much, at least not now. Down the road I will but right now I just want something professional.

What are these uniforms you speak of?:laughing:

I just wear wear tan cargo shorts or pants and a blue
Carhartt t-shirt. I have about 12 of them. 4 are “washing shirts” and the rest are “door shirts.”

I put on a washing shirt when washing or working with bleach and then change back into a nice clean shirt for when I’m dealing with the public. On hot sweaty days I might go through 3 “door shirts” because I like to look crisp when I’m talking to customers.

Give it time… they’ll stain for sure lol

I guess you’re the only one out there doing it right then… :joy:

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It’s possible but I got roof mix directly on two of them. Washed days later. No bleaching. I had mud or something on one that “stained” it after two washings and shout got it out.

Your statement “eventually” rings true for everything though.


Yeah with time light spots seem to appear on all the poly shirts I’ve used. I think I’m going to try Finprint this upcoming year. Maybe the designs they make will do a better job at hiding them lol.

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@marinegrunt said the finprint shirts last a long time.

How long until spots appeared on your shirts? Were the AP3’s? I’m not very concerned if a strong roof mix didn’t cause an issue.

It’s hard to say because I have a handful but it definitely wasn’t right away. I’ve tried the Ben Hogan’s and the ones I used this year are the pictures below. You can see the spots I’m talking about. Regardless, they’ve held up pretty good.

My polo shirts were from Queensboro. They did an amazing job on the embroidery, but next time I won’t be buying the cheapest ones (the AP3 poly ones) because they snag on EVERYTHING. When they snag, they pull a 4" line across the front and start to look like crap.