Where do you place your signs? The great debate!


Ive always had this thought in my head that im better off putting my signs at the end of a neighborhood or at a busy intersection vs putting them in somebodys lawn. My thought behind this? What if im doing a house at the very end of a neighborhood in a culdesac? Who will be seeing them besides the 3 neighbors they have? My other thought, if somebody calls for just a rof cleaning or just a siding cleaning and the other portion of the home is unsightly dirty the potential client may get the idea thats how we left the house and that is not a good image! However, if i am leaving at the end of the neighborhood every person entering and exiting the neighborhood will see that if positioned correctly. The downfall is that they do eventually get removed by the town or whoever is in charging of keeping up on that patch!

What do you guys think? Where do you choose to put them?


Both, and if there is a main drive to a neighborhood put a sign direct across the street facing people pulling out. Those are my favorites.


@10 bucks a sign… 300 dollar job pays for 30 signs… plan on getting 1 use per sign.


yep thats what we do if theres a space across the street i use it. It worked well since the last 2 years when ordering signs the company messed them up and sent us single sided signs. Of course they made it right!


If theres a telephone pole it’s even better… bust out a 2 step ladder and get it high enough to “see” Not the most legal approach but it works really well. I could see you getting a fine if your towns zoning department gets bored.


never thought about that one but not a bad approach. I do understand putting them in the yard at times though. With us doing door hangers this year, it makes even more sense. Im just concerned about the few things mentioned, especially in the back of a neighborhood it will be listed on the hanger which house was serviced so i think they can easily check it out without the sign in the yard!


Signs hanger tshirts eddm adds word of mouth business cards… it’s all in the plan. Most people wont remeber you exist until they see your name 5-7 times.


Nailed it.


I got some signs made up recently but before I put them out I considered the fact that I didn’t have a website.
I thought about people driving past and seeing my ‘housewash’ signs and not having time to take a photo .
Then maybe they make a mental note to google it later and when they do my business doesn’t come up…

Never had a website before but the time has come to get an online presence seeing how this whole internet thing seems to be catching on.


Yeah, it sure does seem to be popular these days :grinning: