Where do you guys get your equipment from? Pressure washers, surface cleaners,

I have $1,800 to spend on a pressure washer & surface cleaner. Looking for a tried & trusted vendor. Someone whos helpful and a warranty is good too. Thank you.

Squid is busy so I got to ask, have you tried the search function? Lots of good vendors. Pressure Tek, Kleen Rite, Pressure Wash Store, Water Cannon, etc. Good luck.:wink:


Sasquatch mon. Hows it going? Found one local at one of pressure pro stores for $1189 4gpm direct drive gx390 engine & general pump. sweet. may go with that


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Hey hows it going bystander? I just purchased about $500 worth of window cleaning supplies from them a couple weeks ago.

With a 4gpm belt drive machine… You do not need a buffer tank right? You need a buffer tank for 5.5gpm belt drive & higher that is correct? I dont have space for the buffer tank in my current vehicle but would like the more efficient and longer life expectancy of a belt driven machine.

The belt driven model with the same engine & pump is only a few hundred dollars more thats why i ask. Thanks and have a good day.

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Buffer tank is always a good idea, simply for the benefit of having cool water circulating through the pump when you’re bypassing.

It’s good for peace of mind, too. most residential water supplies will put out more than 4 gpm. But some wells won’t.

Get the belt drive, so you can put it on a buffer tank as soon as you’re able.


Thanks infinity. Have a great day. :smiley:

You need a buffer tank whatever size machine you get otherwise you’ll need to cutoff machine everytime you’re off the trigger for more than a min or so or pump will over heat.


NT, Pwp in clearwater, FL and other local stores

Amen ! This is good advice, take note …

Not much i can do about thay right now. Ill just have to deal with the annoyance. I dont have a truck or trailer.

Went with the direct drive instead of belt drive. The belt drive was very heavy. No way i could put it in & out on my suv. Kind of bummed cause it was only $350 more but im sure the direct drive i got is gonna more than pay for itself. Pretty stoked. Nervous but its all good

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OIf you’re using a SUV you’re still better getting the belt drive. Just build or buy some ramps and wheel it up and down…don’t lift it yourself…injury is down the line if you do. A direct drive pump runs at the same speed as the engine so runs it runs much hotter and won’t last nearly as long. Belt drives run much cooler and at half the engine speed. It will get you going though and you can use this one as a back up down the line if you upgrade.

I know guys on here don’t like this but you can set up your unloader to bypass the water onto the ground instead of circulating through the pump and heating up when off the trigger. It looks tacky and unprofessional …it also wastes water but it will keep your pump from overheating when off trigger. I ran mine like that for a year until I finally got my buffer tank. As was stated earlier, having a buffer tank is smart because you will eventually run across a house on a well, low water pressure, or leaky spigots. I did one house in a neighborhood on city water that only put out 3gpm…she said the whole neighborhood was like that…that would starve a 4gpm pump.

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Damn barry.

You use a water guage (little thing with the clock looking reader on it). To check if the spigot is pushing off adaquent amount of pressure?

No I put a 5 gallon bucket under the spigot for 60 seconds and ended up with 3 gallons. When you’re washing a house and have two sides soaped and all the sudden your buffer tank is empty you know somethings wrong. I had to wait for water during the entire house wash which added about 30-40 min. Never going back to that neighborhood.

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