Where do you buy SH or chlorine at 10-12% for a good price?

Where exactly should i buy for the best price?

Im in Houston and if there are any restrictions on buying the chlorine this concentrated please tell me.

Most people get it through a pool supply store.

Capitol Pro Wash
Salem, Oregon

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Alex I’ve been getting 10% from lowes in Houston.

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Not sure if there is one near you but I buy from Univar. In South Carolina where I’m at it costs around $2.69 a gallon and gets cheaper the more that you buy. Here’s there customer service number1 (800) 888-4897

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I would check out Univar, they have locations all over the place. Here in Spartanburg, SC it goes for around $2.69 a gallon and get’s cheaper in bulk. You can reach their customer service at 1 (800) 888-4897.


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I use Univar, they have locations all over the country and we get 12.5% SH for around $2.70 a gallon in 55 gallon drums (which gets cheaper the more you buy).

Here’s their customer service number: 1 (800) 888-4897