Where did you get your pump battery?

Hi folks. Want to know where you got your deep cycle group 24 marine battery for your roof cleaning pump? I see they range in price from $79 to $300. I’d like to spend about $200 for the battery and charger. Is this doable? Or am I asking for trouble?

I got mine from auto zone 99$. I run a isolator off truck battery to charge the battery for pump.

I got mine from auto zone. 99$. I run a isolator and it charges the battery off of truck.

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Juice for days

I got mine from NAPA.

We use a group 31 big rig battery.

Seconds/rejects from Interstate Battery distribution center.

$45.00 plus tax and old battery.

Before that, Sams club batteries.

Any old 2/10/50 charger will do.

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Anyone tried using the solar powered chargers to trickle charge your battery?

I believe Len Sutton has one on top of his trailer…I think…

Yeah I saw the one at advance then I read the reviews on it…not good.

They sell them at northern tool, I’m in Florida so I think I’ll try that, just to keep the battery full of juice. Couldn’t hurt!

I’ve got one from Advance and one from Wally World I believe. One is on the trailer the other is always on an automatic 2 amp trickle charger. We switch them out (the one we use on the trailer) every 2 or 3 days, so to make sure we have a fully charged battery at all times.