Where did this front end reel come from

Is this attachment something you can purchase or did someone make it ? Any ideas

Looks like the General Pump reel. About $80-90 for them.

They are garbage reels and that one has the bolts pointing down instead of up and cut flush

Yep agreed . But it appears it’s mounted to the front end . Could be wrong

Talking about how it’s mounted . Plus general pump isn’t garbage just because youtubers say hannay is the WTG .

I don’t particularly like the look of that clamp and how it would block the way when you were trying to haul the thing around. It is also installed in such a way that it seems likely to snag and cut the hose, which would be an expensive lesson.

If I had to do if for some reason, I would prefer the idea of using two sets of these clamps, with longer bolts so that you have both pipes captured and clamped together

Honestly though, I would probably haul the pressure washer with one hand and the hose reel in the other. If I was mounting or using the pressure washer somehow to stay at the truck, I would do the same with the hose in a way that didn’t tie the two together.