Where can I find empty self measuring/ dosing bottles?

Looking for empty self measuring bottles (or dosing bottles) does anyone know where I can buy them? They look like this…

Looked locally at home depot, lowes, tractor supply, co-op, etc…no luck…


Sorry, I should have said I needed a bigger one then the 8 oz one…

You want something made of plastic?

USPlastic, of course.

this one is a quart

We have them at Powerwash.com too. Can’t sell them as cheap as US Plastics but if you add it to an order you will come out ahead do to shipping cost.

measuring bottles

OOPS, didn’t realize you carried them…I’d rather buy them from you at higher price than US Plastics any day. We got to support our distributors when at all possible.

Thanks guys! I ordered them before Mike posted or I would have bought them from you too…I ordered some 32 oz bottles and I also ordered some stackable 5 liter slim line jugs too from US Plastics.

No problem Jeremy, glad you got what you needed.