When do you guys start prepping for spring?

This thread might be more geared towards the guys in climates more similar to mine( Minneapolis, mn), but I would love some input from your guys who work year round.

our spring starts in march usually, depending on the weather. I figure we will get the trailer out of storage in February after NOLA, the start with a few upgrades and fixes from last season.

marketing wise, I’ll probably start my planning starting after the holidays. Dec 25th around 3 pm I start to get a little sparest less… I’m sure a few of you guys can relate… :slight_smile:

what are you guys doing in order to start prepping for spring?

i have a few goals that I’m going to expand a little more relates to focusing on a few specific areas for maintenance plans. Municipalities are top of my list, then also getting myself and my crew leader our OSHA 10 and 30 so we can focus a a lot more on lift type work and higher security stuff.

so what are you guys up to in getting ready for 2014?

Off subject, but since you mentioned NOLA. Sure wish I was going this year. You missed last year, and was hoping to finally meet you this year. One of these days…it’s weird, because I feel like we’ve been working buds for a couple years. That’s what I love about these forums.

Anyways, I am starting to get ready now, since I’m down for almost two months. This will be the first year I’ve actually done any marketing for pressure washing. I hope to eventually do more pwing than wcing in the near future.

Have a good off season and fun in Nola!

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I’ll be revamping my website, starting new websites (have to find a URL since someone else on these boards already bought up all the good ones around the Tulsa area before I could), I’ll do a mailer to all my current customers explaining all my services, then do either street bidder or eddm (never have done any sort of mailing). Go from there and see what bites.

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John what program are using to do your mailings??

I’ll be using the at cost printing discount through PWRA, after I figure out which one I want.

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soon brotha, soon.

Its crazy how these internet relationships work, cause your right, i feel like we have been friends for years

you going to PA in March?

lil bump. Im up buying up domain names in my area to launch a few new web sites relating to certain services