What's the best Wordpress tutorial?

Book or video, what’s the best guide for getting up to speed?

Man there is a lot of them on youtube… If you have a specific theme in mind google that theme as they can all be slightly different from theme company to theme company.

DO you know what you are getting yet Thad?

No, of course not!

Well hurry up. I need to make a selection also and have no clue where to begin.

Here is 2 cool places:

I have used themes from both of them… Pretty good stuff.

I’ve used this one for a few different things.

Did you like them?

The most popular theme that I have seem PW and WC guys use is the “In Focus” Theme… Cool stuf can be done with it.

I actually really like a lot of the themes they have, even some of the ones I haven’t used personally.

This seems reasonable:

WordPress Essentials Video Training Course

Thad, I’m obsessed with this guy Jason Bobich’s themes lately. Here’s a couple of live demos.

I bought “Barely Corporate” and am setting my site up with it as we speak. He has extensive online video documentation to take you through every step of the way. I really like Swagger and Arcadian a lot too…

That looks very good…may have to check that out myself.

Elegant themes are my favorite. Lots of hidden goodies in them.

Pretty easy to put together as well…

[MENTION=6943]Pressure Wash[/MENTION] Whats the theme you use? It looks great.

My site is Simple Press. I have sites using several of the themes.