What's holding you back?

I have been in the exterior cleaning business for 3 years and now I’m developing a product to help other business owners (like you) grow their cleaning business.

I want to help other cleaning business owners bust through the glass ceiling that is keeping their business from reaching its full potential and help them create a life-changing business that provides them with the income and lifestyle that they desire.

In order to do this I need your feedback.

If what I’m saying sounds interesting to you, reply in this thread or shoot me a pm with your answer to the question below. I’m not selling anything, this is strictly for market research.

The Question:
What is your #1 biggest problem you currently face in running your cleaning business that is preventing you from achieving the level of growth that you want?

I would be extremely grateful for your feedback. Great things are to come!

If you’re developing a product…but don’t plan on selling it…what exactly do you get out of it?

My question is who did your website? Nice job?

That is one of the nicest, cleanest sites I’ve seen in this industry

That is a nice looking website.

My biggest problem is getting work accomplished on time. I have 3 apartment communities in Greenville SC that have to be done in February. Message me if you want them

Hey Barry, I should’ve been more clear. I’m not trying to sell right now. I just wanted to disarm any possible cynicism so that people would feel safe to be forthcoming with their answers. Hope this clears things up!

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im interested chiefy

Yeah it says nicejob at the bottom of the page. I will say they definitely know how to make a nice website.

Next year I plan on traveling South for work in the winter…

I just bought a white ford…maybe I’ll be a qualified subcontractor if I don’t put logos on it lol jk

I seen that one of your trucks looks like an E 350 with a service bed…how do you like it? I drove it home 6 hours from Iowa border and seemed to drive nice. So far the nicest work truck I’ve owned. The NPR drives like a dump truck…E 350 rides like a Cadillac


Honestly, best truck I’ve ever worked out of. Cannot find another one like it.

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It’s for gutter cleaning. I thought @Wilson might be interested

Where is the link? Or what is his website

He deleted out of his profile… idk something seems fishy with this fellar


That’s a site I’d be proud of

I ran a Nicejob Websit for a while, best looking website out there just never performed… It just never performed well for me, people would click on it and with in seconds they wound bounce away lol

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Hmm. What do you think it was? Looked to nice, like you were really expensive?

Or just to much going on in the site

Haha I see where you’re coming from! I deleted it because I didn’t want to distract away from this thread in hopes of getting more responses.

My website is www.upstateguttersolutions.com. It is a Nicejob site and it does perform very well for anyone interested!


I’d be happy to take a look at them. I’ll drop you a pm right now.

It was actually very simple and clean… maybe it looked expensive and intimidating and people just didn’t bother emaling or calling.