Whatcha readin?

I’m just curious if anyone has read anything lately (for their business) that they would recommend.

I re-read the emyth once a year around this time to recapture/remind me of the first time I read it. It made a positive and lasting impact for me. I also ordered Grant Cardone’s “The Closers Survival Guide”. I didn’t read it yet and I think its more tuned for the auto sales industry but I’ll pick out what I need from it. Its about when to stop selling and focusing on the close.

I read the PWRA Forum and highly recommend it! LOL

I wish I had more time and patience to read books through

finished emyth mastery a month ago

finished “success through positive mental attitude” a couple weeks ago

past weekend “richest man in Babylon” this book should be required reading in high school

currently reading “the millionaire mind”

after that Im going to read “getting things done”

I just finished reading Dave Ramsey’s - EntreLeadership. I think it is a most read for anyone who has a business, especially if you have employees.

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Third time read of “How To Master The Art Of Selling Anything”, by Tom Hopkins

If this doesn’t work for you, then you need to be flipping burgers.

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I read the PWRA bulletin board daily as well as eClean Magazine | The professional contract cleaner online resource when it comes out. I also watch all the “Mole and Jersey” shows [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubQLZltYUc4&feature=youtube_gdata_player]The Mole and Jersey Show Ep7 with Dave Carroll, and officially the worst (or best) Fail of the Week. - YouTube Besides that I have an attention span of a tick.

I have been reading about 1 book a week lately… so many good reads.Allison… you might like the book “Remote” by the guys from 37 signals

^^^ No wonder why Chris is so Successful^^^ I need to stop reading the comic section in the papers everyday and open a book.

I haven’t read a book in years.

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What is a book again?-- that’s how long it’s been for me.

Thanks Chris! I am trying to read more. I read a LOT of online articles, but am just getting back into reading actual books. I especially like to read when I’m traveling, and that starts up again in a few weeks.

Have you read Rework by the Remote folks? That one looked interesting to me.


I’m currently reading “You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar” and then the next two I have to read are “Failing Forward” and “Never eat alone”. All of them are sales books.

Currently reading “Business Brilliant” by Lewis Schiff. Great book which I highly recommend.

Oh yea Rework is amazing as well. You would like them both, but I think you would really appreciate “remote” due to the nature of your work.

Now when I see read I mean “listen”

Audio books are the only way I can do it. Im just not capable of sitting down and actually reading something. Audio books are great, I get most done while driving and in the shower… My only 2 moments of alone time…

Where do you get all your audio books?

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Usually itunes

Today I will finish up “Getting Things Done”. I read that at the start of every year…have been for the past 3 years.

Next on my list is Entreleadership!

I do this also, but on a couple of books I actually read while listening to the book, it works pretty good