What your favorite residential wash?

Our favorite is the Vinyl house and the brick or concrete patios along with composite decks and PVC fences. There all easy money and there all repeat business.

So Vinyl house would rank #1 for us because of the repeat business and all the other things that get cleaned along with most vinyl houses.

What’s your favorite type of residential cleaning?

Vinyl house wash.

Like I said in the other thread, I love vinyl but we hardly ever do them. I’m going to attack some vinyl neighborhoods this year, I think.

Vinyl… best margins in the biz.

Love Vinyl, but not much of it around here.

I also love doing vinyl. It is the simpliest to clean, results are consistant
and margins are great!

We recently got set up with an enclosed trailer. It is a large investment, but it
is paying for itself much quicker than I thought!!

House washes for sure…

Do a bunch of people call saying they saw your advertising on the trailer? Is that what you mean by “paying for itself”…or do you just prefer it over an open trailer because of the security benefits and keeping your equipment out of the elements

Vinyl cookie cutter homes in HOA communitys by far…they don’t let them get so dirty so it’s pretty routine stuff.

Vinyl house wash, 2 storey, attached garage, nice neighbourhood. Money in the bank.

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Vinyl as well.

Same, vinyl easy money. We have a ton of them in kc

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Same as everyone else…vinyl, there is tons of it here. Just hate when you get the greys and brown colored vinyl with heavy oxidation. Many people think washing them will make them look like new again…nope but they are clean

Definitely…I warn every single one before we go out there…the browns look the worst.