What you guys think?

I’m really tempted to send them a message just to ask what they used it for!

That be neat to tinker on over the winter. Definitely needs to slash that price some.

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Given the location I’d venture to guess…

It’s probably one of these fellers selling it

Them some good old boys! Bumped into them a couple times when we gator hunted, when I lived down there . Nice folks

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That looks like fun

I bet they are. I haven’t watched their show in years but it used to crack me up

@Firefighter4hire This would be the only fun part about that job!


@dperez this hillbillies down here crack me up sometimes. The stuff I see for sale and the prices lol. I wouldn’t buy that thing unless they said it was 5-800 and it actually ran for at least 30minutes. Seen people bandaid stuff just to tell you yeah it runs!

I still wouldn’t buy it for 500-800 it doesn’t have a fresh coat of black rattle can paint on it

That’s always good

That be called ,The good old Texas tune up.

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