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you forgot to mention you will also get a BIG sticker :smiley:

It’s all about the gigantic sticker- the BIGGEST in the industry!

Yea I mean who doesn’t love big stickers…

Wait a minute, I never received my sticker.

[MENTION=3963]Mirnes[/MENTION] looks like one went out. But I will send you out a couple more on Monday.

Can’t wait to get my big sticker! w00t

Big stickers for everyone!!! Just mailed them out today guys!

[SIZE=6][FONT=comic sans ms]Hooray![/FONT][/SIZE]

Hey Thad, you busy? Give me a call when you get a chance.

You gotta answer the phone!

My bad! Was on the phone with someone else…im good now lol

Thanks kate!

I’m glad to see that this is helping some guys go ahead and join now and start using their benefits instead of having to wait until they could pay all at once.