What would you price?

Where would everyone be with a price for a full exterior clean minus the roof? Its not that dirty but some spots have slight discoloration .


1k? Only cleaned 1 house that big. Most houses are 1 to 1.5k sqft

windows to? or just the house and patios?

All stucco , soffits and gutters. No windows

All those patios stairs and spindles… hmm I’d be $800. 2 guys @ 4 hoours

House only…$500

I hate pricing questions because it really can depend.
But that house looks like a PITA, dragging a hose to the second and third story, plus have to be careful of the hose rubbing the guardrail. In my area stucco houses have the most dirt dobbers which take more time to clean then the house it self. so i would be tacking on a serious pita fee. I would be $800+ easily. Might be higher dont know, and would not care if i lost that one.


I second that
The house looks like a nightmare to clean.