What would you buy

If you had 600. To spend ordering online tonight what would you suggest I get.

I currently have a 4200 psi / 4 gal per min machine, a 275 tote for water, a 50 gal mix tank, a fat boy pump, 200 ft of 3/8 pressure hose, 200 ft of 3/ garden hose, a 55 gal plastic drum I’m not using, generator, small air compressor, 5 gal elemonator, 2 gal clingon, simple cherry. Gutter bomb,

So what should I get next.
Thanks for your suggestion

16" surface cleaner.

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Do you have a suggestion on which one and who to order from



Allready have that covered. Lol

I’ve followed a lot of your posts and was wondering if you are going to the convention. I would love the opportunity to meet you for dinner or drinks.

That’s a nice ruger.

I don’t do conventions anymore. To many vendors preying on the new people and to much info sharing. We made a lot more money before everyone learned about downstream injectors and I got cocky and put remotes out there.l lol. My comments are in no way directed to Thads shindig. If i was going to one, it would be his. I’ve seen all the damage the pwna, Uamcc etc have done to the industry. I want no part of it.


Here Here IBS

Decided to.spend the extra cash to.pay for my room at the convention. Cost $575. For three nights. The airfare round trip from Boston to Atlanta was only $133. Couldn’t believe how cheap the airfare was.


Good for you , my airfare from Roanoke VA is 459$

I booked it using orbitz

Pretty sweet deal

Doesn’t have a target barrel but ive read if you shorten the chamber you can push tacks with it.

Meant to post this in the one with the ruger wrangler.

My grandparents live up north in IN. Grandma carries a stainless .357 mag ruger in her purse and my grandpa carries his .45 ruger. I hope I get both over my uncle lol. I carry a 40 m&p now.

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I dont carry much but i keep a 9mm M&P in the truck with 3 extra clips and a box of bullets.

Not much but had fun.

Went kayaking in river near by.

That’s enough for dinner for you, the wife, and kiddos. My wife won’t eat catfish since I spoiled her with crappie and bluegill over the years. I love catfish. I usually filet them but I love frying a whole one up every now and then. Taste better for some reason. Might be the way the bones get hot and help cook it?

I fillet catfish too. I just find it better to pull the skin off first. I also soak them in salt water for 2-3 days and it turns the meat white like you see in stores and makesnit taste alittle better like deer meat soaked in salt and ice.


I love some crappie but didnt have good luck this year. I probably caught 30+ brim but i only kept the ones that swallowed the hook/wasnt going to make it. Im not one to waste. I ate so many catfish the past few year that we was burnt out on them but i want me some medium size blue cats to fry up right now. Might do some drift fishing for some next time i get a chance.

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