What would be the most efficient way to clean Half Vinyl Half Birick houses

In my area we have tons of half brick half stucco and half brick half vinyl houses. Im just wondering what the best way to clean these type of houses because for dirty brick and stucco you need a higher SH% that you cant downstream so im guessing X-jetting ?

Also would you price half brick half stucco / half brick half vinyl homes higher than just regular all stucco/brick/vinyl homes and if so how much higher.

Depends what condition the brick is in and how dirty. the top half being stucco or vinyl is pretty straight forward regardless. I generally don’t adjust because I clean the same homes every couple of years so aren’t in terrible condition. New customers I would probably charge 30% more because I hate doing brick.

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Hey y’all, I get half vinyl half stucco often as well. Trouble is they only want the vinyl done plus gutters and window trims and leave the brick alone since it always looks alright. So my customers often think their quote is super high since they only need a spot wash.

Example almost 4000 sq foot house and he wants some spot treatments. I brought the price down a few cents but he’s still not with me.

How do I sell these? Should I have special half-pricing?

Offer a warranty, and tell them it only applies with the full house. When they ask for reasons, it’s because the growth is still on the rest of the surfaces, just not as obvious to the eye…“if you have me leave the less visible mildew on your brick areas, I can’t warranty that it will stay only there”…

Thank you! I think I can rest at night if I explain my price that way.

I’ve kinda started the backtracking process already which I know is a huge no-no. But this guy is in my networking group and I feel like I’ve already let him down.

These early lessons are killing my nerves and making me sick lol

Hopefully I can transition to a smoother recovery and earn his trust. SMH

Some of the worst customers we’ve had have come from “networking groups”…some of our best clients have come from popping up a tent at the ballgame…you can’t please everyone, no matter where you find them.

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Ain’t that the truth!

Trouble is, he is a very well respected member. We track our referrals and he has the top ranking of putting money in everyone else’s pockets. Last thing I want to do is come off untrustworthy because I don’t know how to sell with confidence yet. I guess time will tell, and I’ve got lots of time to learn.

I appreciate you coming on and serving up some wisdom for me. :slight_smile:

I get this all the time on people with brick homes who say they just want the trim and windows washed.
I explain it to them a couple of different ways. First I explain to them the brick is dirty whether they can see it or not. I use the analogy that “hey, your car sits in the drive for 2 weeks and it’s filthy, right. Think about it, the finish on your car a lot less porous than your brick.” Your brick has been sitting here for a year or longer. That’s 2 statements you’ve made that they agree with.

The second part, either can be stand alone, depending on client.
I explain to them, that 2/3 of our time is spent rinsing. Now when I wash your, windows, gutters and soffit, where do you think all the soap and dirty water is going. Even if I don’t wash your brick, I’m still going to have to rinse it, to give you a nice job. I’m not going to leave all dirt and crud that on your brick.
So you’ve done a couple of things here. You’ve explained the wash process time wise and you’ve also shown them that you’re very thorough and conscientious. And then I close it by saying, it’s really not going to save you much at all if I don’t clean the brick, because the only thing you’re saving is me soaping it for a few minutes. 99% of the time they’ll say, " Well that makes sense, let’s go ahead and wash it all".


Love it, that makes sense too.

There’s 2 scenarios though. This works when the brick looks fine-

then there’s the brick that actually needs attention… I have no idea how folks are cleaning gnarly mossy brick that’s 2 stories tall. Huge extension lance with a turbo? Cuz if I fire up my gun on a ladder I’m coming down! Lol

You soft wash with your 12v, xjet, gas roof pump or whatever. No difference than in washing a dirty stucco house.