What to expect when upgrading from 5-8gpm...?

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Also, I don’t have any employees. One man operation. I’m getting the 8gpm in the off season this year.

Depends who you ask. I prefer 5.5’s for residential and keep the 8s for large concrete work and commercial. They say gpm is king, I’ve looked really hard to find some 35 horse Kohler builds for the folks that love efficiency, I’m still looking to this day, hmmmmm

I never got involved in this discussion but anything over 8 gpm can be hard to feed since most spigots don’t put out enough. An 8 gpm is the sweet spot. Plus, you get up to 10 gpm and above you need 1/2" hose. You already know all of this though. It has just been kind of boring around here and you’re wanting some good conversation. :rofl:

I know I said I never got involved in this discussion but you do realize you saying a 5.5 gpm can wash as fast as an 8 gpm is like someone saying a 3 gpm can wash as fast as your 5.5 gpm? :joy:


I just like the extra reach my new 8 puts out. My first wash job with it was a two story house on a hill, so the peak was easily 30’ off the ground, and the sucker got it no problem.

This is @MuscleMyHustle today :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


This threads like an auction, just needed an opening bid lol, your welcome.


I built an 8.6, 3k psi machine and love it. My motor recently broke down and I thought about cancelling jobs because I didn’t want to use my 5.5 because I am 8 gallon privileged now. I hate my 5.5 except for small 2nd and 3rd story decks when the 8 is too much.

Oh cmon bud! It ain’t that bad to where you have to cancel jobs Haha, think of what the 4gpm guys go through day in day out.

I just upgraded from a 5.5/2500 to a 8/3500. I am loving the speed I now have with my SC. I also put in a 12v system to avoid the injector issue all together.

What issues are you having with your injector? I think it would be a pain to pull my 12v off just to soap a house when I could just down stream. It’s just quicker and more efficient. I guess if you have one guy soaping with the 12v and one guy rinsing with the washer it wouldn’t be so bad. I’d still want the option to down stream though. There’s not much to an injector so you shouldn’t really be having any issues.

Of course I didn’t cancel but I complained to myself all through the jobs. I’m spoiled with the 8. Especially on windy days. Most of the houses I do are vacation shore homes 3 stories and higher some times. The 8 will make it to the top through the wind better than my 5 and 4 machines. I love it.

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@marinegrunt I haven’t had any issues. I have read where guys have talked about them not pulling as well, or restricting flow. Since I needed the 12v for roofs I just decided to use it for all chem application and use the PW for rinsing, SC, or hot water. That’s not a plan that is set in stone it’s just what I’m doing now. I have 3 injectors in the tool box just in case.

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Working air traffic today and turned to see the fire department spraying a building with this bad boy. Not sure why but man if only I could house wash with that ! :joy: this is how it feels to go from 5 to 8 gpm I feel like lol

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Imagine dragging that hose around lol

Because someone don’t know any better isn’t cause to feel sorry for them

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Reads like a fortune cookie.

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