What the heck Facebook


So FB says I have 12 reviews. But it only shows 5 of them when you go to my page… So I send a feedback to FB asking why… NO REPLY… Then I go to the members and ask. They tell me that if a person leaves a review, but THAT person has “only friends can read their post” set in THEIR settings, Then no one can read their review in your page unless they are friends with the person who posted it… How stupid is that? Why have a business page on FB and ask people to leave reviews if other people busting your FB business page can’t read them… Am I on the same planet as FB?


Your understanding is wrong.

When it is posted on your page, the poster has no control over who reads the post.


What you said is what I thought and what would be logical…,Well that’s not what the members say and they are not showing up. Sadly FB has no support…


[quote=“Greg755, post:3, topic:10487, full:true”]. Sadly FB has no support…

You got that right…but then, I am not paying much for their service, either…so, I guess I cannot complain.

I deactivated my page.


Are you doing the whole “boost your post” thing? Ive been tempted to try it.


No I havent, I won’t spend money with a company that has no support. In addition im about to enter into a law suite with a company that does SEO and web pages if they don’t refund my credit card because of incredibly bad work and being deceitful.


Cant say i blame ya