What surface cleaner would you recommend?

Running a 4gpm 3500 psi. Need to get a surface cleaner for around a pool. Don’t want to go all out, or be too cheap. A good medium priced unit would make me happy

I have heard of a hammerhead. You can buy two of them for the price of one whisper wash classic (which is the only one you should consider). The problem is, sometimes the classic will last five times as long as the hammerhead. Which one is the better value?

I like the big guy!!!

Get the classic

Whisper wash classic

Hammerhead is a good one. Economical & reliable. Going on 4 years with mine & still going strong. You won’t regret it.

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I’m sure you’re kidding! Not with that machine.

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Whisper wash Ultra Clean 16 inch would probably work best.

The classic we have 2 of them.

Hydrotek 39" surface machine. For the money one of the best buys I made. I talked to hydrotek Friday about this surface machine which they stopped making because it became to expensive for them. It was a steal. I bought mine from ACR 3 yrs ago that was used only 3 times. I paid $900 for it and it came with the Dueblin swival & 3 bar spinner. We use our 10.5gpm Powerwasher with this surface machine.

I like larger size machinery as long as you have the horses to back it up. Time = money so I always look for ways to clean faster and better then my competitors.

Thanks Rodney, I like you too…Haha!

Yep for that GPM & PSI I would choose a Hammer Head or a Classic…Affordability…Nod goes to the Hammer head…Proven track record of Performance & Durability…Nod goes to the Classic.

Personally I’d choose the Classic.

Whatever you do just don’t buy a surface-cleaner that’s too large for your machine…In this case nothing over 16".

Going cheaper with a hammer head, what could I expect to fail?

So Hammerhead 20" Floater Surface Cleaner is out of the question in your book?

My wifes and my grandmothers birthdays are on mothers day, then i have to buy for my wife, mother and grandmother for mothers day. To top that off I need a surface cleaner, another length of hose, some fittings, and I have a mailing ready to go out. Every dollar counts this week so I think I’m going with a hammerhead

Whirl A Way 16" Surface Cleaner
Steel Eagle 16" Floating Surface Cleaner
Hammerhead 18" Floater Surface Cleaner

Which of the 3 would you roll with?

Yep lol. It would make him go get a bigger machine lol.

In the 2 years of my hammerhead, I’ve replaced a swivel, a gun, on my 3rd bar. Is it a bad SC? No, you just get what you pay for. I would get the 18" hammerhead if money was tight. The 20" is WAY to big for your machine.

In contrast; in four years on my classic, I’ve replaced, tips.

I do encourage guys to get the hammerhead IF they take the difference in cost and use it to buy more marketing.

What Tim and I are trying to say, is that you’re going to pay the classic price overall, one you just pay for up front buying the classic and you pay for it over time fixing the hammerhead. From what guys are saying that I’ve heard, you get a better clean with the classic. The classic spins faster or something but I know my next one will be a classic.

So I went with the hammerhead. Local store had one on hand. I stopped in there to buy a few fittings and walked out with a surface cleaner instead.

It gave me the option to upsell more surface cleaning, and I landed another pool and a stamped concrete patio. So it will pay itself off in the next week. I appreciate everyones input, the next time I need to buy, I’ll go with the whisper wash.