What setup should I purchase?

I want to know if You guys recommend buying a pressure washer with a reg pw system(16k) or reclaim and reuse system(34k). Either way I go I’m getting a 35 hp 8.5 Gpm engine. Please help me out. Both come with almost every item that I need.

It depends upon how big your trust fund is.

And maybe what you intend to wash. And how strong your market is. And how good of a salesman you are. And you also need to factor in the interest that you would be paid if you just left the money in the bank.

We do need a bit more information.

Trust fund lol. I love this forum. Ok I’m targeting Tampa Bay Area Hugh market. I’m going to focus on houses first then ASAP jump into commercial m(targeting walmarts, Walgreens, target ect.) my main concern is should I spend the extra money on the reclaim reuse system.

Okay, my bad.

Darn, I keep seem to be missing the mark when thinking I understand the questions being asked. Nothing personal, don’t take it that way.

Here we are in year six. I could ask the accountant but I doubt that i have spent sixteen thousand dollars in the last five years. Bought a box truck and paid cash for it last year so maybe with that we may be close to 20k.

We started with Four Thousand dollars. Out of pocket. With insurance, and state licenses, and money for marketing. We could not lose more than that because we did not spend more than that. With a bit of common sense, and several thousand dollars, it will be twenty eight months before equipment (or lack there of) holds you back.

Quit thinking that the corvette is going to get you the girl. It ain’t.

For your own self gratification, you should buy whatever equipment you can pay cash for. As a business decision, you will screw up if you blow more than $5,000.00 to get rolling.

Again, don’t take it personal, it’s just an observation of folks in your shoes in the past.

Thank you for the advice. At first I was thinking of starting with a small investment but I’m pretty good at marketing and sales ( I used to sell cars and was good at it but I hated the business). I prob take your advice and go for the 15k setup with a 35 hp 8.5gpm. Then upgrade later on.

That wasn’t my advice :slight_smile:

Just sayin’

Ok. But I know what you trying to say on one part. Which makes sense. The only thing you didn’t tell me was if a recycle reuse system would be something that I should invest( keeping in mind that the money is available). Thanks.

Let me riddle you this;

Having reclaim equipment will not automatically get you more work.

Not having reclaim will (generally) not prohibit you from getting work.

Look at it this way, the boys that have those jobs you want now are not going to let go of them easily.

The customers that you want to steal from those boys are not paying anywhere near what you think they are.

After you’ve been in business a few years and are continuously losing good paying work only because you lack reclaim, call Jerry McMillen and ask about Sirocco systems. But not yet. He’s a busy guy and deserves to be left alone just now.

Thank you for your time. Very valuable point of view and experienced info.

how much experience do you have washing anything?

Have no experience. I’m going to take a training course soon. Provided by the a pw ind.

Julio Fernandez
Tampa Bay Area
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I am so glad I didn’t jump into debt when I started out, would have been bad if I did.

Maybe someone here will offer you “labor for learning” and save you big bucks and teach you much more than any class

Trey I won’t owe any money. Jcin I like your idea. I might post a forum asking for that.

Julio Fernandez
Tampa Bay Area
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So you have zero experience in this business and your going after some of the hardest jobs to get in an area that doesnt do that type of work much anymore.
And your talking about 15 to 35k as if your deciding whats for dinner.FYI the three major companies in the tampa bay area that specialized in commercial flat work are all out of business. I can assure you its not from there lack of ability. It was from there lack of customers that were willing to pay. Dont take this the wrong way but if you go spend 35k on some equipment now and go after places like walgreens. I will be the guy calling you from your Craigslist add offering you 5k for all your equipment next year.

Just so you know Walgreens is currently excepting contractors applications for a number of stores in tampa if you fit all the criteria about $10000 just to buy the polices to bid. They are willing to pay $85 to clean the property this includes drive through, walkways dumpser curbing walls and windows . Have at it. NO CONTACTS gas stations about $225 NO CONTACTS.
I dont mean to sound harsh but is also coming from a 10 year very successful car guy in the tampa bay area. I like to know when im waisting my time and money and i asume you do to. Probably why you dont want to do it anymore
Go spend about 5k on equipment and save the rest of your money to live off of untill your company can support you. Buy then the marketing may be a little stronger for commercial work

Thank you for the heads up. Maybe I don’t want to tackle commercial work so soon or t all. $85 for a Walgreen is a negative. Lol. My main target is going to be residential( Tampa surely need their homes washed) and store front about 75% of my work. Also car dealerships.

Julio Fernandez
Tampa Bay Area
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If you have enough friends that are GMs at car dealerships you can make money washing the cars every week. I have many close friends that are GMs or owners at dealerships all over tampa bay that are more than happy to give me there account’s 7 or 8 years ago i would of loved it they were paying $2 a car now. 65 cents is about the norm and i can make anyrhing on that even if there are willing to pay me $2 a car because im there friend it wouldn’t happen for very long before they realize how much extra it is costing them to be my friend.

It’s gone that low for cleaning cars. I know about 10 GM.I was a car salesman. I guess I should call them up. Get some info.

Julio Fernandez
Tampa Bay Area
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Julio, just my 2 cents here but you may want to do some market research first. Target the market you’re looking at and research it out to find if it’s going to be a profit margin you can live with first. I would advise doing your homework before investing a large amount of cash into your business.

You should know that Fla. has the highest amount of pressure washing companies per square foot than any state in the US (LOL). Being a salesman will put you ahead of the curve…but not by much. Pricing in Fla. will be “Cut Throat” at best.

Bottom line is educate yourself first…In All Aspects Of This.

Good Luck and keep reading, researching, & asking questions.