What’s the deal with site unseen estimates?

It is not insulting to not be as smart as someone else. There are millions of people smarter than me. You asked a question that has been answered here numerous times and one that most people should know the answer to. You got your info, move on to the next thing to learn.

Email and address were not an option if you read my post. But that’s all good have a good night and wash on bro.

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Lol…in 2 years I only had 1 person refuse to give me their address. So I politely said I couldn’t help them. That’s just straight sketch if someone who wants you to do work at their home…refuses to give you their address. Most people will take take text or email quotes. A few older ones You have to call. As @Patriotspwashing stated it takes a LOT of time to do in person estimates. If you have the time…go for it.

Zillow, Google Maps, other Realtor websites is what many of use here for quotes …not sure why you need more answers.

If they won’t give you address why would you waste time or energy over their call?

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Then they arent a customer

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Yeah, that’s just…weird. If they don’t want you to see their house first, it’s what we in the window cleaning world call a ‘junk job’ that probably needs way more work than they’re letting you know about.

Customers can be scam artists too.

Now this is a long shot, but I did get a call back in 2011 from a ‘customer’ wanting a price on their 2-story house. I started to set up an estimate visit, turns out a local competitor was trying to find out my pricing.

Ironically he quit window cleaning and now works full time as a PW, probably on this board actually.:smirk:

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My point a

Exactly, but there are people that want an answer right then because there are meth heads that low ball us on they daily. I more or less was implying do any of us professionals do that.

Honestly I think that’s what 2 of the 3 calls I got this weekend were, however the last one I got was an elderly woman that I felt guilty about demanding an in person estimate

I didn’t mean the rocket science term as offensive… I say that all the time.

I meant that there’s only so many different routes you can go, choose what works best for you. If you lose a customer or two then who cares.


It’s all good. Obviously I lost 3 this weekend by asking for an email and address. My point was and I guess I should have been more explainitive by saying that.

Honestly I think new competition tries to get your rates, and click the ■■■■ out of your ads

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Oops I meant ish

Do I get a badge for that as well lol

Stick to your guns. I love giving estimates in person because it gives a chance for customers see me, my truck, and equipment so they know I’m a professional and not someone working out of the back of a civic. I schedule most estimates the same day they call. I do occasionally do estimates over the phone if it’s a neighborhood of identical duplexes or patio homes that I’m very familiar with. If someone doesn’t want you to know their address or look at their home then something is fishy. Don’t be surprised what your competitors try to figure out your pricing. I had a similar scenario and I googled the number and it was someone who just started a business near me. They weren’t around very long. I will either do my estimates while my helpers are working, early morning or in the afternoon when I’m finished, or even between jobs. Figure out what works best for you but you can’t go wrong by doing estimates in person. You can however screw yourself doing them over the phone. Explain to your callers that every house is different and you can have two houses that are the exact same square footage with completely different degrees of difficulty. Just don’t make them wait long.

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In pinellas county it’s cut throat but seriously mass clicking on competitors ads is crazy smart

Exactly what I was thinking

I’m having flashbacks about crypes


Actually it’s click fraud, a total classless move, and google is a tad smarter than you are.