What’s the deal with site unseen estimates?

What’s the point, you can’t give a fair or legitimate estimate via phone or email. Am I wrong?

Huh? What?

Hes asking how are some people/companies able to quote and give estimates over the phone with out visiting the property first.

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I’ve had three calls this weekend for a difininitive price site unseen, when I asked to come visit for an estimate, they declined. One elderly woman demanded a price, I gave her a rough estimate and told told I would have to see what I was going to be dealing with and she said no thank you.

I use google or zillow or whatnot.


Half the houses you can find pictures through Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com

The other 45% you can use google street view …

The other 5% you can use google satellite to get a rough idea…or be creepy and find the customers Facebook ( usually you’ll find some pictures of their houses).

I had two houses this year I shot in the dark and luckily both worked out.

I give all quotes in 24 hours, usually i send them out within an hour of an inquiry


I should add, my price is my price. I don’t shoot off an estimate and then change it once I see the house.

Also it’s 2019, customers want quick. We close a lot of high ticket jobs because we answer our phone and send a quote to them before anyone else even calls them back.


Ok what if they don’t give you an address, Then what?


I’m talking about no address I want an estimate now kind of people.

I require address and email address. Tell them the estimate will be emailed/textedto then

No email/no estimate

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Ok , I tried to get that but all were phone calls champ.

Ok…then get all their info and tell them you’ll call them back in X amount of time with an estimate.

Then you go to the Internet, and find the info you need.

Then call customer back…

Not rocket science. But if you don’t want to do that then continue doing in person estimates. If I had more free time I’d love to do that, feel you can get higher prices and more ticket items doing in person

Wow really?

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Don’t insult my intelligence again bro!

No one insulted your intelligence. You asked a question and got an answer.

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The its not rocket science comment was meant and taken as an insult.

Sorry you took it that way. Maybe you aren’t as smart as he is and didn’t take it the way he meant it.

Said the most insulting guy on here.