What’s happening here?

So all this complaining about the big blue button (which I never seemed to have any issues) and as soon as it was fixed I started having this problem (pics attached). When I try and type a response I can’t see what I am typing until I get a couple lines of text. In the pics you can see the black line which is my cursor blinking and see where it is. On a reply it is right next to the water fed equipment button and when I started this topic it is up even higher on the page. Anyone else having this issue? I did figure out I can click the “hide preview” button and it will bring the text box down so I can see it, but that is just a pain. I will attach another pic showing that it is hiding the first several sentences in my text box. Anyone else having this problem?

I think someone is over eager to show how valuable they are to the team and the result is screwed up internety stuff.


Well its messed up thats for sure!

Tell you this. I ain’t never logging out again !

Not sure but my blue button is back now as well, it doesn’t "hide " any longer. Android phone

I would tag Chris in this but I can’t see it to even know who I am tagging. If someone else wants to tag him that would be great.

You’ve made fun of us for a good while over the big PITA blue button, now it’s my turn to sit back for just a lil bit and do this.


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Haha! Well…you got me there buddy, you got me there!

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MR Chris , @SurfaceMedic has a glitch. He needs your assistance please. Thanks Chris @SchertzServicesLLC .


I think you are trying to tag the big mr Chris lol

@Chris can you tell what’s up with the forum?

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I think he meant the big dog Chris. I’m just the big Chris lol

I know.Im just funnin, Lol

You have ALL the jokes today I see! But you did get me again, I was over here thinking why is he tagging Schertz??