What kind of wood?

The owner said this was painted wood but what is it? I have not seen the property. This was what the owner sent me.

Not sure why it matters. Just wash it

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Looks painted to me…Wash that bad boy! Much success.

Yes it’s painted but I thought there were some issues with washing painted wood but I guess it would be the same as washing a painted deck.

Well, there are some darker pigments on Hardie board that I personally won’t mess with but what you’re showing is fine.

Some organic paints can be a problem, especially with darker colors. Usually you can see it more with roof washing with hotter mixes but I’m sure hw mix could lighten the paint a little too…I’ve washed all different colors, just do a test spot if you are unsure with a paint.

@DSJ1 you mentioned it being the same as cleaning a painted deck… how would you go about that? I landed a job where the customers got a white semi solid/maybe solid stain with lots of green organics on it, they just want the organics and dirt cleaned off so trying to plan my attack.

You took a job not knowing how to do it? How could you bid it without knowing what to do?

Maybe I need a break, this doesn’t make sense to me.

@Dirtyboy I’ve got a plan in place, was just looking for a second opinion. Thanks for the feedback though. PT pine is the wood. Their stain is chipping in areas and dirty. Just wanted a cosmetic cleaning to get the algae and dirt off and I wanted to get an opinion (before test spotting) on what others thought

House wash mix to clean a painted deck. If it’s really mad I may go up to 1.5% SH on a test spot. Just want to be careful to not peel the paint up or fade it.

@DSJ1 thank you! That was my plan from the jump. The paint is white to begin with so I wasn’t too worried about the bleaching effects but I’m a worry wart and want to ensure everything will be perfect. I really appreciate your feedback!

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It’s definitely Balsa wood.