What kind of truck to get

I see a lot of guys sporting the F350’s. They look sweet but I cant rationalize it for the cruise time involved in resi work. I was thinking of a truck that balances company image with what I actually need in reality.

I would think a newer 1/2 ton would be plenty for hauling equipment around to resi work.

Ford E250 van.

There’s a guy around here that has a f350 with tow truck lights on top and wig wags. Puts on one hell of a show when he rolls down the road. Definately draws attention to himself

If you are planning on towing a p/w trailer with a large tank you need a fairly good size truck to handle the weight on a daily basis. I’d say a 3/4 ton would be better for longevity. I have a 1/2 ton Chevy long bed. Works great for me as a window cleaner. I don’t haul a tank right now. I only do p/w as an add on but the bed is usually full. 6 ft bed would be too crowded for me. Depends on your needs.

Yes. 6ft beds suck

We started with a single axle 12’ with no brakes. Pulled behind 2500 Chevy.

Currently, 18’ equipment trailer with two 5,200 axles. F-350 power stroke tow rig.

Next month, we’ll introduce the truck known around the compound as “Doors”.

18,000 GVW. Sometimes we haul water. Now we can legally haul 750 gallons.

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Looks like a William special. I’ve been thinking about putting doors on mine

William is my hero and my door inspiration.

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Hey Tim, I got the same “William Doors” for our box truck build.

Looks good Buddy!!

Thanks Guy,

The doors should allow one man operation from the curb.