What kind of surface cleaner should I get

Finally have landed on a simpson 4200 4gpm pressure washer to get started with side business. Now I need a surface cleaner . What parameters should I be looking for? Are wheels on them better or worse ?

Long story short, get a 16" of some flavor, preferably Whisper Wash, and use 25025 nozzles to reduce pressure to 2500psi. Don’t clean concrete less than 1.5 years old. Read several hours of posts on here before you attempt to do anything.

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I love my Wisper wash 19" classic.

Why don’t clean concrete less than 1.5 years?

Your research here will answer that for you


I like my 16" Whisper Wash Ultra Clean. I run a 4gpm machine and it does great with this combination.

Is there a big difference between whisper wash and be whirl away. There about 2 hundred bucks difference. Thanks for all the advice and I keep trying to read all I can.

Whirl a way is garbage

I use a whisper wash extreme, the company I worked for previously used be models. The extra $200 does make a difference, and in the big picture you will make that money up the first few jobs.

About $200 difference. :wink:

But, for real, get the Whisper.


Lol ok

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We only use WW 19" Classics, save a couple old spares and our mini Mondo…they last well. I put inline filters on all of them, seems to save on clogging problems somewhat.