What kind of PW pump do you use?

All I have is General and they have been good but what do you like and why?
AR? Udor? Cat?

I have always been a big fan of General Pump.

I like GP I have had plenty of CAT pumps but the parts are more expensive and harder to come by locally when you are in a jam…

I had a Cat pump once and no problem there except the notch belt broke and I had to wait a few days to get another one. I just recently had my guys actually blow up a UDOR pump which supposedly where only the second time this happened. I haven’t showed the picture of this one yet because I’m waiting to see if UDOR will reimburse us full. Without counting that the UDORS are built much stronger then GP pumps which I’ve by far owned the most because there cheap and dependable. Right now where running 5 GP pump units. We also gone thru quite a few GP pumps over the years with rebuilds and new ones.

But to me the best pump out there because I seen the inside of these pumps is the UDOR.