What is your favorite type of commercial work?

Parking garages by far. There usually large in Sq footage and they pay well. Example for us we can do a 500,000+sq ft. Garage in 5 days max and we usually get in the 5-8cents per sq… So do the math–money makers and also repeat customers. Also you get there and you stay until completion so there is no going from job to job… Your there already.

What’s your favorite type of commercial cleaning?


The only commercial cleaning we do is low rise building washes and apartment complexes.
Lovvvvvve those!

I love to hate interior cleaning, but it pays too well to pass up.

Oh, and I love a challenge!!

what type of setup do you have, if you dont mind me asking?

Hey James–Right now we have 4 Powerwashers with the ability to put out 26gpm. There’s 1-8gpm,1-10.5 gpm Hot water Powerwasher on my flatbed and there’s two small Powerwashers we put together that add up to another 8gpm. Thats the setup I have now with some home made vacs setups that we used when needed. I also have another 8gpm Fury PW Vac set-up that still incomplete because we flew into this year without much of a break. When that one is complete we’ll have the ability to Powerwash with 34GPMs with 26GPM’s being with Hot water.

The surface cleaning machines we have a 48" Swabby, a 38" Hydrotek,30"Bad boy,and 3-24" surface machines. I have to start water marking some of these pics probably because it seems that some of them are getting lifted for others websites. Personally I didn’t really care until last week when another Powerwasher told me that a Company from Maui pretty much took my website and re-did it for there business— thats since been straightened out. I’ll post some pics from last year and a couple from this year to show a little difference what’s on my flatbed and what where working on.

Pic#1 is what we had on the truck last year…
Pic #2 -That Mi-tm Hot water Powerwasher has since been sold and I put that 34hp Powerwasher on there with a generator thats pretty much now going in there this week(Maybe if there is time) with another pully going to that 34hp Kohler.
Pic #3 shows what a 10.5gpm looks like coming out of the spray tip
Pic #4 is a low profile trailer that is stuck in limbo for at least another month because of our work schedule
Pic #5 is a view from almost 90’ up of my flatbed this year.

Quick note the guy you see with the Powerwasher squirting out that 10.5gpm has pretty much put me into retirement(I’m the guy next to him in the brace from blowing out my knee the week before on a different garage last Fall) I have never seen a guy work as hard as him, as good as him… and as quiet as him… which is the reason I had him and one other in there for 6 yrs now. That guy has never not once called in sick and the very last pic it was him who took the biggest risk my company has ever taken and hopefully ever will.

and here is the last pic of the hardest worker that I have ever worked with who now pretty much runs the cleaning part of my powerwashing business. He deals with all of my customers, Collects most of our Residential payments and we only talk when the day is done when he calls in to say…there finished.

My favorite type of commercial work is concrete cleaning on a weekly basis, and any commercial work that pays Net 15!

I like cleaning warehouses a lot too, easy work that pays great.

Yep. Me too. Love warehouses cause there’s no Sun

I love washing low rise buildings and condo/apartment complexes.

John, were dabbling a little in garages ourselves. It’s a bit challenging now since were kind of new to them but I definitely see the potential in it.
Do you guys sweep them first? What are your thoughts on sand traps?

How high have you gone? For window cleaning that is;)

Eight stories off of a lift.

I cleaned the windows on my 2 story home before… from the ground LOL

Love the 2-3 story condo buildings and townhome communities…good money

Restaurants,Gas stations and Strip malls

Apartment complexes.

Apartments here as well. awnings are pretty fun and easy

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

I don’t presently do any commercial work, nor have I looked for it. Partly this is because I don’t have a very large machine capable of large areas of flat work. My question is, do you guys find much of your commercial work is done at night? Night work is one reason I haven’t pushed for commercial. My window business keeps me pretty busy during the day. This year I am adding a couple employees so I am wondering if I should consider more commercial and have a dedicated truck or trailer and crew to do it. Do you have a crew doing this or can you get away with 1 guy on a truck? What kind of commercial work is ok to do in the daytime? Night?
Thanks for your consideration.

I love Cleaning Sidewalks.