What is your favorite gun?

looking to get a new gun and was looking for some insight on what you guys like.

how about ball valves?

Smith & Wesson 500…

Oh, wait…my favorite is the Suttner relaxed action.

I don’t like running ball valves unless I really have to.

Desert Eagle

The Suttner is pretty good as well :slight_smile:

Either Relaxed Action or Easy Pull.

seem like a decent gun for me? http://www.powerwash.com/suttner-st-2315-5000-psi-trigger-spray-gun.html

i have a 4gpm 3500 psi cold water.

are there any specialty guns designed just for cleaning decks?

i wish there was more info out there about choosing a gun.

That’s my current favorite. With no less than 6 guns on the truck at any given time, I call that one mine.

It looks semi-formal so I call it the tuxedo gun.