What is the science behind it?!

I always love reading someone’s answer to a problem/question that is actually based on test or real science.

So post something you have wondered “Why?” or “How is that?” Even if its about something you know pressure washers shouldn’t do, but you want to know the reason "Why not?..
If you come across one that you know the actual reasoning behind, please share! NO THEORIES… NO GUESSES…

I will start off:
Why is it that new or newer concrete seems to have a stronger grip on stains (oil, rust, mud) than older concrete?
I have often wondered if it’s just that way in my head simply because spots in new concrete catches the eye’s attention more
… Yes, I know, don’t pressure wash new concrete, do more of a hard rinsing, etc, etc. Not the point of this post though

Lol, you can’t put “NO THEORIES… NO GUESSES” and then put a guess as to why new concrete stains faster.

I never said you can’t give a reason as to why your wondering what your wondering, or elaborate on what your question is.

Providing your own thought or theory to your question might even help someone have a better understanding of exactly what you are asking. Yes, my question was pretty straight forward so including my thought was not necessary for anyone to have a better understanding of what I was asking, But again, I didn’t say that the person asking their question couldn’t include why they are wondering.

The “NO THEORIES… NO GUESSES…” part came right after me saying if you know the actual reason behind someones question, then share. I added that part in for these 2 reason: When you read someones answer, you know they are not just guessing. I didn’t want the main point of this thread to turn into something its not even about. Everyone here can take a guess to any question, but guesses lead to others only commenting saying that the person guessing is wrong, and pages filling up with everyone just guessing.

On a side note
One of the big reasons I haven’t posted anything on here until now is because there is a lot of people that only seem to provide comments that have nothing to do with the problems someone is asking or to even help that person. I stay to busy to have any desire to possibly post something that is going to end up being more of a time waster than helpful.

Case in point, I finally post something and now I find myself reading a response that has nothing to do with the question/thread, and sitting here typing out this big message as a reply to explain something that shouldn’t even be an issue.
And something tells me that someone else is going to read all this and then comment with their thought as to how my part of the “no theories” sounded to them, which again will just be a waste of time to read and reply to.

Innocentbystander please don’t take any of this personal, most of this said is in a general speaking term