What is the reccomended tile cleaning procedure-chemicals, procedure, results

Here in Portland there are not many tile roofs. With that said we have a customer with one. Can I get some feedback on wheather PW alone is a good idea, what chemicals should we use, and how are they applied.

We have a trailer mounted unit with a Bandit pump set up for soft washing.


Pressure washing takes forever plus easy to slip off or break tiles
they soft wash tile roofs in Florida your mold probably melt off pretty easily

in florida they use a 50/50 mix sh to water

Do you know if you need to re-apply a sealer to the tiles post cleaning. I saw some info about fading the tiles or changing their color with bleach…

I don’t know probably depends on what they are. Concrete, or more of a natural stone. Pw definetely fades them. Most of tile out here fades after pw but no one seems to care