What is the Best way to remove these stains from a commercial building?

I have used OneRestore in the past, applied with a brush and scrub but wont do that again, hard work and not the greatest results, was thinking of spraying OneRestore with a battery powered sprayer and rinsing with hot water, I just want to make sure I can get these stains out before I make any promises or at least have an idea of the result. What product and what process would you use? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Ralph Patterson

Test spot, test spot, test spot.

What’s the substrate? Have you tried one restore? Have you tried anything else?

Same answer as Jeremy’s. Some bldgs we have done those black streaks came right out whereas some other bldgs they only lightened. The products we usually have at our disposal to test stains are one restore, surekleen from Prosoco, of course SH, Oxalic acid etc.
Test test test and then give them a proposal.

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