What is the best way to advertise

I’m just wondering how. I have a method and it’s worked pretty well for me I was making almost 1000 a week doing it. I’m wondering if any one has some next level stuff I havnt thought off. I see people use home advisor on here. Does anyone have success using YouTube or yard signs.

Well, why don’t you share your method if you want people to share their method?

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I used yard signs I did post but I don’t have a photo editor and it has my number plastered all over it

I have custom made sandwich boards that I hang on my goats and turn then loose in neighborhoods


Works better when you shave it into the sides of cows

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I have a plane pull a banner over the surrounding area and drop leaflets.

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I had my logo put on,my ppg wing. It looked awesome… But then I realized the FAA says I can’t fly over people or congested areas… Dooopppee
Did someone say awesome… Squirl

Then i would have to get a cow and that would blow my marketing budget. Goop to swimming pools in neighborhoods. Copy down the HOA info from the bulletin board and call. Offer to clean the pool house for free if the line up ten houses to be washed


I had a few thousand stickers made and put them on random cars in a 30 mile area for mobile advertising.

But you save on paint, wood and other materials…

Naval gel,lasts longer…