What is GlassRenu?

[video=youtube_share;HcyvGFB_HhI]FIX SCRATCHED GLASS! [MUST SEE!!] - YouTube

GlassRenu is Glass Restoration. When we started this company 6 years ago our goal was to build a system that would always be able to get the job done. We were tired of hearing that “if you can feel the scratch with your finger nail, its too deep” or “Scratch removal leaves distortion”. Here we are 6 years later with the only system available on the market that can and will restore any surface damage you might encounter. If you are still looking at scratches worried you might get blamed for making them, call us today. You can be the hero that removed them! 888-769-0001 or check us out online at [COLOR=#1e37ee]www.glassrenu.com[/COLOR]

Glassrenu is a great system. It was a money maker for me from day 1. The guys Are great and help you through any issues.

Cole and Cody are the coolest.
Their system is just the best, hands down.