What I'm up against

Somewhat tongue in cheek, but…

We had a window cleaning customer this week who is a spry 91 years old, retired from the railroad. I noticed his large driveway and sidewalk were recently cleaned, so I asked who did it.

“I did it myself, took me all summer”. :flushed:

Turns out he sat in an office chair with a wand and yellow tip and went to town. I’ll admit, he did a darn good job with no striping.

He even did the culvert behind his house.

So when I say people here pride themselves on DIY, this is an example.


Can’t really tell, but some concrete can be very forgiving… Some concrete requires some actual skill to get it to look right

Some people need a purpose. Cant knock a man who’s trying to keep busy and moving forward. Sorry that it’s not in your favor but this dude is 91. Hell, i hope i can make it to 91. God bless that man for making plays



Bout 20 years that will be you,Ya ole warshin Fart.

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Wow, just wow.


I say good for him. You’re not competing against a old dude that wants something to occupy his time.

I’m a do it yourself kind of guy with anything other than refrigerant. I like the challenge when I have free time. I at least try to fix any and everything that breaks at my house.

My plumber buddy Doesn’t feel like he’s competing against me when I pull my own toilet when my kid flushes a toothbrush down it.

Not everyone should or needs to have professionals come service their properties.


I think you misunderstood my humor.

I’m not competing against a 91 year old, rather the DIY mentality here. I lost track of how many times one of my WC customers told me they ‘pressure wash’ their own house.

Yeah, I got it. I was just ranting. My apologies.

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That is awesome! My dear mother instilled in me to always hire a professional for most matters. I’m certainly not the most handy person in the world, so I always hire pros for plumbing, electrical, and heating and air issues.

Being a professional painter, I obviously paint, drywall and wash all my needs. I will also hire a qualified mechanic for my vehicles. Hiring a professional is smart and usually money well spent.

Happens to us all the time. Plenty of folks here do their own PW. Many times customers will approve my HW estimate but will “do the windows ourselves” or “we will do the inside.” Hell, I had a customer in the very wealthy golf course/lakefront neighborhood that I do a lot of work in BUY HIS OWN WFP SYSTEM!!! so he could clean his own windows. Some people just don’t mind spending a weekend working (and get sub par results) to save a few bucks. More power to them but not the customers that I try to target.

I’m sure this isn’t unique to your area. I see it frequently. Hope that I have that drive it his age. Maybe to to pressure wash but to get around like that despite his age or condition

He was fascinating. His whole basement has telegraphs he used back in the day, and showed me his career as a railroad…coordinator?


Mm, no…he travelled all over the US directing various railroad company operations toward the last decade of his career.

Ah, I see. Probably consigliere

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