What I have and where to put $$$?

Big thing is not to over do it, start with short rounds every day then increase time on it. Your going to be having LOTS of small muscles firing that dont normally do a lot of work and you dont want to over tax them. So do like a minute on a minute off for three rounds, then up it to 2 minutes x 3 sets next week…
You are MUCH better served with consistent short duration use, rather than epic 15 minute balances once every other week. We want a slow steady build up, not to attack and inflame already sore muscles and ligaments.

Like stated, there is really no need for that at all. If you’re worried about plants just pre wet and rInse them off after you rinse that side of the house. You’re causing unnecessary work for yourself and probably confusing newbs who may read this.


Did someone teach you to do that?

Greenman, started your suggested regime, you were right. Muscles hurt I didn’t know existed. Thank you.
Added a ladder rack and will add some pvc tubing tomorrow to hold poles, broom and squeegee. Doing one house tomorrow and 3 Sunday. Learning with every one.


You really, really, really need to swap out that axle and put some 8 or 10 ply tires on full size rims on that trailer


Yeah, sourcing an axle now, have the rims and tires already.

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Call Mack’s trailers that’s who I use

If you have a Northern Tool or Agri supply you are good to go

Or just get a 3500 lb per axle minimum double trailer ,with 10 ply and get it over with…
Gonna happen eventually. why buy new axle, put all that work and $ into it for someone else to enjoy further on down the road in the spring @Scox ?

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What size axle do you need. I may even have one at the shop

Hey great! just take her easy, if your sore starting out do every other day, just be consistent. They will build up over time and save you from a world of hurt later on.
For me it’s sleeping on the ground, I have a Japanese style futon I lay straight on the hardwood to sleep on. Whenever I try sleeping on soft surfaces all those old back injuries from getting blown up so many dang times, come screaming back. The futon, and daily dead hangs from my pullup bar have kept me off the painkillers. Best of luck brother!

Does that thing really help? I’ve tried sleeping on the floor but that makes my sciatica scream the next day. It does help if I’m on the floor and put a pillow under my lower back for support but I don’t always stay in that position. When sleeping in bed I normally wake up 4-5 times each night so I get up to stretch a little. That seems to help the most but the downside is I’m always tired from not much sleep. On the rare occasion I happen to sleep all night I can barely get out of bed in the morning. It feels like my spine is in a vise and somebody smacked my knees with a sledge. Luckily my wife is somewhat of a deep sleeper. I do wake her up from snoring sometimes and she says I make weird noises whatever that means. She’ll wake up one time for like 3 seconds and complain the next day she heard me snoring and slept like crap. A great night of sleep like that is hard to even fathom…lol.

Yes, but it takes a period of time to get used to. I was a side sleeper before and that is a No freaking go on these thin mattresses. Now I sleep on my back most of the time. A decent not overly fluffy pillow for your head and another behind the crook of your knees can help you transition. But the first few nights aren’t comfortable at all. BUT if you can suck it up for a week you should see marked improvement. I can literally feel my lower back unclenching when I lay down.
Also as hippy new age tree hugger BS as it sounds yoga has helped a lot, this guys a bit goofy but it’s a great introduction with out all the woowoo chakra nonsense. https://youtu.be/p6CMso14NWk I follow it on my non workout days.

Now onto Sleep hygiene, I became a subject matter expert on this after years of insomnia. I spent the first year back fro Sadr city, chasing ambien with jack Daniel’s to be able to sleep, got clean but then couldn’t sleep at all up all night maybe 2 hours a night… bad mojo.

1.Get blackout curtains for your bedroom, they are cheap on Amazon and block out 99% of the light 2. No light in your bedroom, no nightlight, put tape over your digital clock, you want that room blac.3. Try to keep your room about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of your house, or turn your thermostat so that the temp drops at bedtime. 4.no coffee, soda, or excess sugar after 4pm 5. Have something fatty/carby before bed a glass of WHOLE milk, a small baked sweet potato, something that can boost the tryptophan 6. Get off your phone,tv,computer 2 hours before bed 7. Avoid bright lights at night 8. The bedroom is for sexytime and sleeping nothing else, dont lay in there and watch tv or anything else.

Those are the big things that have helped me. They aren’t a panacea, but can be a huge help.

@marinegrunt. Sorry, horrible at remembering to tag people

I turn on gunsmoke or have gun will travel on my nightstand. Set the timer for two minutes. I’m asleep before it cut off. Without talking in the background it takes me 15 or 20 minutes to fall asleep.

My dads like that, he will pop some Elton John on and be out like a candle in the wind…

I was also prescribed ambien and took it for awhile after getting back. Can you imagine the number of scripts for ambien and generics that were prescribed to veterans? I don’t think it’s as big of a problem anymore but was probably highly prescribed early on when you and I were in. I’ve have never slept well and that includes before being overseas but I really slept like crap for awhile after stopping it. I’ll never go that route again.

I like how you had to ease into mentioning it because you already know what a fellow infantryman thinks of it…haha…In all fairness I’ve heard really good things about it and the same about meditation. I’m old enough now to realize you just have to try what works regardless of what you or anyone else thinks of it. I also know as I get older I’m going to have to make some lifestyle changes or I’m going to be in a world of hurt. Even right now I don’t know if my knees and back can handle some of those yoga moves though…lol…I’m sure you have to ease into it. I’m also always so darn busy but I guess there’s always a way to set 15 minutes aside though. You’d probably make that time up and then some each day just from the energy you’d have from feeling better and being in less pain.

The no sound and complete darkness is probably something that takes some getting use to. I’ve fallen asleep to the tv being on for years. I always tell myself I need it but I’ve always heard it’s a big no no. Seems like in complete darkness my brain would have a hard time shutting off because I’d be thinking about jobs the next day, or projects, or whatever. I’m sure everything you listed that you do to prepare for sleep makes it easier to turn your brain off.

I definitely need to do something. I’m actually getting tested for sleep apnea with a little device they send home with me here in a week or two. I’m not sure if I have it but have some symptoms. Snoring, tired, and occasional headaches in the morning. I’d had my uvula removed while in the Marine Corps so kind of assumed that would prevent me from having it. I just never pursued anything and the VA doesn’t always either unless you urge them along. I recently started seeing a private doctor just so I had someone to kind of take a second look at things. My local VA does a good job but it seems all of them are bad about just throwing medications at symptoms. It will be interesting to see what my apnea results are.

Where are you from in KY? My in-laws live in Eddyville and sister-in-law and her family east of Lexington.

Sorry on late response, had my daughter yesterday and we were busy being Dinosaur dentists…

Any how yeah, ambien was given out like candy 03 -06 time frame, in our defense we really didn’t understand the long term repercussions on “our” demographic… it still has its uses but they watch it a lot closer now, it’s used short term not as a forever scrip like in the day.

But yeah when I got introduced to yoga, I made all manner of jokes about it, but after seeing the effects I was forced to reassess. So many of my guys had chronically tight hamstrings, anterior pelvic tilt, and poor posture. Yoga had a huge help… I wasn’t going to even mention meditation but it was taught to us as “Box breathing exercises” to handle those pre raid jitters.

As to COPD it’s possible you have it, and the… more famine resistant… you have gotten since you got out the more likely it is.
I could go on and on, but I’ll try to link you a few articles to read through later. Peace brother.

Also I’m just south of Ft Knox, elizabethtown area

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Links that might be of use.

Sleep hygiene

Box Breathing

As for the COPD lose weight if your fat, stop smoking if you do, exercise regularly and practice deep breathing exercises during the day… that’s about all you can do without medication and breathing machines.

Dinosaur dentist is definitely more important than posting on here.

We used the box breathing too but didn’t call it that. To be honest I never even looked at it as a form of meditation then. Being young and stubborn at the time if I thought it was a form of meditation I probably wouldn’t have done it…lol…jk… It definitely helped. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve done any kind of breathing though.

I’ll have to take a hard look at the sleep hygiene. I always have a million projects so go full throttle until 11:00 at night, take a shower, wind down by watching a little tv in bed, wake up at 5:00, and do it again. Even over winter I’m always cutting firewood, rebuilding engines, tinkering in garage, etc. I’m a busy body so always have my mind occupied. Not doing that would be a big change but I’m sure it would be an extremely helpful one. As of right now it sounds like I’m doing everything wrong if I ever want to get a good night sleep.

I believe COPD is different than sleep apnea but I’m not all that knowledgeable with either one. COPD is a form of lung disease and apnea is a sleep disorder which is normally from the throat muscles relaxing while sleeping. I’m 6’ and 185 so not overweight. I quit smoking about 5 years ago and haven’t drank for probably 8 years. I don’t eat as healthy as I should and, I don’t exercise, but am very active though. I know that doesn’t make up for exercise and especially cardio so I am out of shape.

Thanks for the links and advice. I really appreciate it.

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I dont know where I got COPD from, apnea… yeah totally different.

Sleep is something that soooo many take for granted. I remember laying in bed at 3 am and just COULD NOT shut my dang mind off… it’s been some big changes on my part but I’m glad I did. You cant bleed off Cortisol (stress hormone) properly without sleep, and it effects everything you do. Best of luck man shoot me a msg if I can ever be of help.

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