What do you mix your roof wash in?

Has anyone ever used a brute trash can to mix up your roof cleaner. I see that it is HDPE and I looked at a chemical chart and it is SH resistant. I was thinking of storing my hose and stuff in it and then just using that as a chem tank. They come in 32, 44 or 55 gallon sizes. I will be working out of the back of my pickup for a while until I decide which route to go(flatbed, trailer, box truck etc…)

Hey Ralph, we use a 55 gallon drum, with plans for an 80 gallon square tank. If you use Russ Johnsons Roof Snot, you can just cap the leftovers and save them for another day. I think that it would be a bit messy if you had to mix up the exact amount or dump the leftovers and completely rinse your “mix tank” in order to wrap up and leave the job.

We started with thirty gallon barrels for mix tanks because that is what we could get cheap from the truck wash.

Congratulations on your recent purchase of a professional roof cleaning setup. Dont be afraid to go ahead and order a spare bare pump when you get around to it.

Thanks Tim. I didn’t even think of that. Guess I’ll be looking for a tank. Got my first roof today and I’m just waiting on the pump. Thanks for your advice about Pressure Trek. My stuff is already on the way. Should have listened to you then, I would probably have the kit by now.

Oh yeah got the one with the 5/8 hose.

I was starting to wonder about you. I knew that you’d figure it out in the end, I’m just glad that you got it together before it was too late.

I used a 35 gallon horizontal leg tank for my mix

I tried using one of those “garbage pales” from HD. It worked for a month and began to leak in no time - all in all, it was a hassle: looked sloppy, weak material, never “sealed” tight. I buy my bleach in 55gal poly/plastic blue barrels with 2 bung openings. The barrels are given with a $40 deposit, so I just keep an extra one for my mix when I need it.

65 gal horizontal stand tank.

Can I get one at northern tool? I saw a few but they had drain plugs at the bottom…isn’t that a no-no?

we use a 55 gallon drum, i have the pump mounted above it on a piece of plywood, hose is kept on a reel next to it and the whole thing is strapped to the side of our box truck, doesnt take up a lot of room, because it’s more vertical - I love it, and it’s cheap - 55 gallon drum was free - compared to a $300.00 horizontal tank…

Tractor supply is where I got mine. Personal preference I suppose. Our tank is plumbed up to the pump and hose reel and all mounted on a single axle open trailer with a 4 gpm machine and reel on there as well. It is our roof washing rig and we added the 4 gpm for house washing after roof cleaning. Also has a small di tank and reel for wfp work.

HI guys, My advice is to present a professional appearance. Forget trash cans, everything you do should be professional. Spring a few hundred bucks and get a great setup. I got the fatboy bandit from pressure tek., sure it cost about $1700 at the time but I made 10 times that on my first HOA.