What Do You Guys Think?

What do you guys think about this setup and price? I am starting a new business and will be concentrating on residential accounts. I am also getting a 20" surface cleaner. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Dual Gun HT Hot Water Trailer Package


3000 PSI / 8.0 GPM
Two-gun system
Two operators can work at the same time at 4.0 GPM each, or one user at 8.0 GPM
Kohler 725cc Gasoline Engine with Electric Start (3 Year Warranty)
AR Pump with Ceramic Plungers (5 year Warranty)
Diesel Fired Beckett Burner. Can also use kerosene as burner fuel
8.0 Gallon Poly Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Tanks with Filters
Efficient Schedule 80 - ½” steel pipe Coil Stainless Steel Coil Wrap
Fully Self contained, No External Power Required
Includes 50’ hoses and guns, wands and nozzles (2-each and 5-nozzles)
Rugged Powder Coated Frame
Belt Drive AR Pump, dual BX series belts
Adjustable Thermostat
Safety Pressure Relief Valve and Burst Disc offer redundant safety
Single Axle Trailer (rated 3700 lbs) with Electric Braking torsion axle, Two 15" Wheels/ Tires 5000# Coupler fits standard 2” ball. Includes trailer break-away switch
Seamless 270 Gallon Water Tank with 1-1/2” filter
Lights, Swing-up Jack, Safety Chains, Run Tested
Two 100’ Capacity Stainless Steel High Pressure Hose Reels
102" L x 70" W x 51" H
Manufactured and Tested in the USA

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING
725cc Gasoline with Electric Start


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There is a pic.

Not really a great deal. First of an 8 GPM Pressure washer is only worth $5500- $7500 depending on the brand. Cheap trailer a tank and some hose reels definitely do not make up the difference. If you can buy a trailer and a tank and learn how to plan it up yourself you would save yourself a good bit of money. But if not, there are still better deals out there on trailer packages. You really don’t need hot water either if you’re going to be focusing on residential. You would be better off using the extra $3000 or so you would spend for hot water toward marketing and getting your business established. Hot water can come later.

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You could get a cold water 8 GPM pressure washer, a 200 gallon tank, a 5x10 trailer, 200 ft of hose, a nice reel, and all the plumbing for probably under $6000. Or, if you don’t want to plumb it yourself, call Powerwashstore.com and ask about their Water Draggon skid. All plumed up, and even includes everything you would need to do roof cleaning. All you would need to do is bolt it to a trailer.

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Yes, that’s to high. Plus there is zero room on that trailer for chems, and extras. Or to add on later.

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Price is high and no room on trailer

Thanks for the input guys. I’m trying to figure this all out.