What do you guys recommend?


I don’t see a surface cleaner, downstream nozzles, chem tank or turbo nozzle in there anywhere. $7k for everything you DON’T need for residential! And that tank is massive, wow.


Really not a weird washer. They build and sell a lot of stuff and I’ve heard a lot more good than bad about them. Only a couple of hours from me.


Apologies I ment the specs of the washer not the brand. I always find myself wandering why one would use a lower output v2 engine for marginaly better performance than a gx390 (or compairable alternative). The price difference in a 5gpm 4k psi machine and a 4gpm 4k psi are massive, and for a extra $300-$400 dollars you can buy a 8gpm unit instead. It seems to me that if you are dropping $6300+ on a hot water unit but cant make the jump to 8gpm then you should ether save slightly more or just buy the 8gpm unit and buy the hot box down the line when you determine that you need it. Just my thinking on the topic and would love to hear your opinion on the matter.


What do you think about this one? Specs and so forth? It’s on a 5x10 trailer. It comes with two summit reels. The description has one summit and one general, but both are summit. Has a comet pump on it, it’s turn key, even has the battery, hoses, downstream injector and chemical tank too. 7500.00 out the door with free delivery. Starter rig for me next Spring. Thought about building one but seems to be adding up close to this one. Thanks.


I’d go with the stainless frame and with the General pump over the comet. Think their number is DC6036HG - 6gpm@3600psi- GX630 Honda Engine, General Pump. Plus you get larger fuel tanks but that unit may cost you another $500. Make sure those reels wil hold at least 200’ of hose if not more, especially on the pressure one. Would be better if it held 250-300. You’ll need 250 at some point. You may need to step up a size on those.

A 5 by 10 trailer is pretty small, you won’t have a lot of room for much else on there but as a whole, for a starter unit not bad. Would be a good little commercial rig.

Also, negotiate a spare tire, preferably welded onto trailer somewhere especially since it’s a single axle.


Okay, thanks for the info. Yes I believe the reels are at least 250’. I’m going to use the rig at first for Residential as I have many window cleaning customers over the past 25 years. But thought I might use the heat on some flat surfaces and maybe light commercial at times? I know not have to for residential with the heat. 5x10 about all I can get in my garage with my wife’s car too. So for now the best option I believe, I won’t be doing pw everyday I don’t believe, but will be part of the business. Just trying to find a decent rig to start out in for now. Thanks again!


Do you think I need to start out with hot water machine? I’m mostly going to be Residential. I can substitute this one and get the stainless steel, 8 gpm and general pump. The rig will come in at 6539.00, so 1200.00 savings verse the hw 6 gpm unit. What do you think? Would that skid work pretty good for a starter? Thanks again for you advice. Take care.