What do you guys recommend?


Hello guys,

I am looking for some serious feed back on marketing. I have 2 Hotsy Hot water units. I have a full time job that calls for me to travel, but I want to build this side hustle. I have been doing trucks for years. I have just never had to really push it.

I was wondering if anyone had any guidance or information they would be willing to share. I have read all the forums and just wanted some specific on-site from the pros.


Guidance or information about what exactly? All I see is a trailer that appears to be pretty expensive and nothing to answer. What questions do you have?


Thanks Syd & awesomewash2

I am thinking about expanding with a waste water recovery system. I am Not sure if I need to upgrade my trailer and invest in the waste water filtration system. I want to try and expand on the commercial side but as I stated earlier, I have only done contracts with poultry plants washing their fleets, and logistics companies like Fed Ex - BTW they are very cheap. I was in way over my head and lost money on that deal.

I have talked with some guys that do this full time, and I just supplement my income with this. I have been in the game for 14 years but again basically fleet washing.

I want to get more business an opportunities. I own my machine and I just want to see if waste water recovery would be a good move to tap into some of the parking deck cleaning in my area.

Please don’t think I am just a green kid playing around on his fathers donation. It has taken me 14 years to get to this point. I don’t advertise at all and I don’t have a website. Sometimes when I am out I just drop a card in the mail box of a spot that I know need my services.

I am not confused nor begging for feedback just curious.


I was a bit confused on why you would have such high dollar equipment and having a side hussel. I guess after 14 years it would make sense.

I am in no way even close to being a novice in the areas you are working in. I can offer no advice when it comes to fleet washing.

At this point I would recommend sorting out your goals, creating a checklist like @squidskc says to do, and really figure out the types of jobs you want, that will pay you what you want.

If you want more business you are going to have to market more. Get a basic one page website, register that website on google my business, make some marketing materials and pound the pavement. Facebook groups are free to post. Pretty much put your name out there.


Thanks @awesomewash2 I appreciate you feedback. I used to wrk construction when I was in college and for a little here and there. I opened up a detail shop and started with cars and houses. My professional career cause me to travel weekly but my safety net has always been, worse case scenario and if the job fails. I can still feed my kids.

I enjoy reading up in the various topics and just wanted to see what the experts thought. Thanks guys so much. I am a big boy so I can handle constructive criticism and don’t mind even if people are rude.

You guys are awesome @awesomewash2 & @Syd


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Im wondering why expand on the set up when it sounds like you dont even have time to use what you already have on the trailer. Maybe get someone to run what you have in your absence.


Do you wanna continue washing trucks or start doing residential or ?


I’m interested in adding on PW to my window cleaning business we’ve had for 25 years. So many customers ask about PW, so thought I would start up in the Spring 2019.
What do you think about this company and starter rig. Any suggestions on other rigs, trying to stay under 10,000 for sure. Thanks again.


I would build a rig not buy it. Your getting a weird pressure washer and a cheap tank and 5x8 trailer for 7k… Not worth it. Go buy a 12-14’ tandom axle trailer and 8gpm hot water unit. Everything else in that package isnt very valuable. Everything else is on you to research for what is best for you.


It’s the time of year to buy from someone who sunk a lot of money in equipment and found out PW wasn’t for them! You’d have to be patient though!