What do you guys do in the winter climates that barely have snow?

Just curious what people do for side income during winter. This only applies to those that live in the climates that see maybe 1-5 snows max per year if that.

And if you have business that carries through the winter I’m assuming it’s commercial work and would love your recommendations of businesses to target. Maybe gas stations? Fast food? Hospitals? Most of them sound to me like heavy flat work?

We just keep washing. I have to most of my gutter contracts but that kept us busy for about 15 Winters


I’m more residential. House wash slow way down for me around mid December…holiday and new year preparations have been met for homes already. (Get a few last minute preparation customers) But by then business has picked up for gutter cleaning, fall clean ups are still there, storage for customers, tree limping, yard debris, and junk hauling. But I’m curious to hear what is said On this post as well. I try my best to have saved up through the season to make it through an always unexpected bad winter (4months) but I always try and look around when I am called to a potential customer for job estimate to see if there’s anything else around the house that could be done while I’m there. Worst they can say is no.

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…and got 2 other business


90% of my business is window cleaning, we are busy right until Dec 24. After that, we just get lazy and fat until late Feb or March. One year it didn’t dry out until late April, that was a little tense.

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Make stuff shiny, wash man ,wash all year. We do alot of metal polishing when it’s to cold to wash, 35 degrees is my limit, to cost effective to wash below that.

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Repairing small engines and power equipment this year will keep me busy an extra 20 hours a week at anywhere from $45-100/hour.

Christmas lights will be enough to take 6 months off if I want to and done by December 1.

I was never a fan of even thinking about doing Christmas lights, but now it’ll be main annual focus. The money and demand are fantastic!

Getting everything set up for next year! Lots of reading here, some wood burning and metal engraving, finished a training video on western Brightcut style jewelry that I’m excited to try out.

Do you plan on getting that bucket truck?

teach me your ways to get fleet washing gigs!

I’m open to this idea, but am a hyper amateur on a ladder. But open!

That’s what People Ready is for. Or go to your local Sherwin Williams or roofing supply and ask if they have any contacts for day labor.

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If you have any college look into substitute teaching.

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I’d rather bag leaves. Haha