What CMS Software are you using to run your business?

We use Service CEO, I know a lot of guys are using the customer factor, outlook or Google calendar.

What are you using?

We use The Customer Factor. Very pleased with it.

Quickbooks and Google Calendar…works great for me.

Customer Factor. To be honest, I have never tried anything else, but CF works for use so I don’t know why I would change it.

We built a custom solution in FileMaker years ago and have been upgrading and tweaking as the business grows.

Are you happy with that or do you feel locked in?

i’ve been thinking about trying camelot http://camelotsoftware.com/index.htm. my friend uses it for their business and love it.

I originally did the programming myself but as the company grew there was no way to keep up. So now I employee a full time programmer. Between all the companies he stays very busy. I like being able to do what we need.

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