What causes it

I’ve been reading through this forum for about a year and have learned a ton and thank y’all for the time y’all put into this site. I’ve noticed a lot of the same ones helping people out. I’ve finally made an account to ask what causes the splotches on the concete? have I done this I’ve noticed it on a few driveways when I’m finished that we’re to dirty to tell prior

. I’ve read a lot about knocking the cream and etching but it doesn’t seem like either.

I forgot to add I run a 4/4 hotsy with a 20” ww classic.

Search a few different topics on here from @gbattle…he’s given awesome explanations on concrete

What @Patriotspwashing said and Google ‘splotches and/or color variations’ in concrete

Thank y’all seems to have been a finishing issue from what I have read. I noticed some sand when rinsing. Just scared the 4K psi did damage. I Would like to turn it down, but was told not to adjust the psi from the dealer.

Change your nozzles on your surface cleaner to adjust pressure. You’re Classic came with 2502’s probably, most do. Get you a set of 2502.5 and 2503. See which work the best for you. You can order them direct from WW. You shouldn’t see sand when rinsing or a milky look.