What can I use to get five years of grease off?

I’ve got a tire shop that needs their floor cleaned, five years of build up, and it’s 1/4" thick. Tried to clean it today, It’s been a rough day, put zep purple down, but of course then our heater decided not to work. So we went over it all twice with mildly warm water, lol. Not great. Just got it fixed and did a test spot with 220° water, and not any better. I know I should start using some better degreaser, but I don’t even know if that would take this off.

That looks like it has or had a sealer or coating on it based on the scratch marks etc. If that is the case it’s not just grease and the things that remove grease will have little effect on many sealers. Example is at the edge, try and scrape that off. If it scrapes off and you have clean concrete under it, you have your answer.

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It does scrape off. The workers had been scraping on it. They said they poured gas on it and lit it on fire and scraped it off, LOL. :joy: One of them scraped on it a little after I put the zep down, and he said that it was easier to scrap off then. They also said that they use vegetable oil on their tires for something, idk, but they wondered if that had something to do with it. But I’m pretty sure it’s never had sealer on it, it’s only in spots where they work a lot on it, like along the wall or right inside the doors it’s not that bad.

Maybe it is grease but grease should have shown some response to your hot water. If it is grease, sounds like it will take scraping verses PW. You can try hitting it with sodium hydroxide but it sounds like it will take a hot mix and dwell to soften it up. If you do that be careful with it when you hit it with pressure hydroxide will burn you. There are others on here better to help with grease than I am, good luck.

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Thanks. I hate to have to scrape it all, but that might be what we have to do. It’s about a 40×80 building, we only worked on 20×40 of it today though.

You need to talk to Chad Reiffer at Hydrochem products in Michigan and tell him weird beard sent you.

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Floor scraper, sharpen it up real good and resharpen as required

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Idk, he might not help me if I tell him that, lol. I’ll call em in the morning.

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By the way, I’m about an hour north of Poplar Bluff, MO. I’ve bought two machines from Boatner Enterprises.

So I did the Ackland kitchen exhaust hood school last month and if they were using vegetable oil the proper chemical is potassium hydroxide. You could probably get away w sodium hydroxide. Both are nasty to work with, it’s what gets used for the vent hood cleanings.

Haha, I’m 2 hrs south in Strawberry Arkansas, I’ve bought a hotsy of Allen at boater myself, good folks.

Yeah, I found out yesterday that Dan retired. I just got off the phone with Chad at Hydrochem.

That stinks ! You’ll never be able to replace him, to much knowledge.

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Well, got a mix kit of the HCS-400 on the way. Figured I’m gonna need 15 or 20 gal, so I just got the mix kit for about the same money, I’ll find something to use it on I’m sure.

Tonight’s the night.

Good luck @LeviSmith

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Just got home. Turned out great with the help of a couple floor scrapers.

Any pics?

I was going to, but by the time we got done I was way too tired to think about pics, I only work nights when I have to, lol.

They want it done once a month now, so I’ll try to get some next month.

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